WISH YOU LOVE seems that we're decided looks like things are set noone could foresee this on the day we met smitten with each other we just followed the thin line fascinated by the glimmer we only saw the obverse of the dime i sit and stare on plain walls i'm suffering todays that reason could control your mind seems to be a hollow phrase this tenderness i feel for you is not going to decline forced into division i still hope that you're doing fine and i wish you love i wish you heaven and the blessing from above the strength to fight for the life you live the power and the kindness to forgive waking in the morning without you by my side makes me miss the shining the sun losing its light i'm talking to an empty chair and i want you to know there's noone here above you even if i've failed to tell you so we have to carry this burdon of our need we have to worship this higher love we bleed i will hold on even if it's killing me sometimes in the evening between wake and sleep i can feel your velvet hands caressing me