POTG when you're lonely close to crying luckies inhaled you've got rid of all your wine when those cynics took to much out of your open shrine baby, hey hey, drop me a line you're moaning your losses complain about your life time that you've wasted with everybody at strife and a glance at your inbox shows that you're tod and deprived baby, hey hey, drop me a line i don't want you to cry the clouds and the rain your anger and your pain they're all part of the game i don't want you to cry today you feel abused tomorrow you'll be amused by the things you've said i know that your losses wrapped your innocent soul you're feeling downhearted can't get out of the mould and the efforts that you took to get high for a while baby, no no, better drop me a line i don't want you to cry... that diamond bracelet you've got that four wheel drive on your car those hundred acres you show to me don't seem to be a remedy you've spilled out all your drinks on the carpet you're mesmerized with heartaches but you won't get juiced this time