CASHOE a day to rember the last of september that's when i heard the news i was feeling angry 'cause the news you would tell me still got me juiced you said there's no sequel or else you wouldn't feel well ain't it a pity after all? a stupid thing to say i did you anyway yeah baby, i smoked you it's not faith, it's not gender it's not august or september it's all about the way you can't sing or play guitar it's all about what a cashoe you are yonder on the bright side you know where there's the high light still noone's missing you 'cause even when you're thinking you'll never be convincing please stop to fake the blues for what you call a good deal is nothing but a cold meal still you're growing big after all go and sing your song now i know you've always liked bologna that's how you look now it's not faith, it's not gender... trying hard to check and sell compensating lack of talent begging for attention on your knees you remind me of a big ol' cracker a bologna nippled swagger checker a dimwit just to dumb to breathe but now i'll set my mind at ease i've gotta go ahead, if you please for it's more about fate and less about gender it's whether you fight or you surrender it's all about the real thing