BILLY BOY call him the captain of the binary world call him the landlord of the virtual ground on earth he's got a messenger exploring you too he's got the outlook he's got the view bits and pieces of the human species born a fool without a virus tool adaware adaware adaware he don't care got a distant glimpse of what could be if he ain't there I open windows but i just can't see try to get an outlook but there's only one view for me internet exploring only web rebates got a maximum bandwidth but still no open gates don't take those apples from the forbidden trees godfather of BG's got you on your knees XPloitation all over the nation we're on the train and it's heading for the final destination when the sun goes down even the shadow of a little boy grows big i tunes it all day long but i won't get no different shit big jelly fish is psicrosoftly coming in only waiting for the penguin to do a little swim