ALL I NEED IS TIME all i need is time and a little of your love tonight time - to settle my thoughts - to abandon the past - to go for the new breed - the people that i heed - the life that i lead - now now that it's over i hang my head and cry i'm feeling so much lower but still some kind of high there are some things i regret and some i'd like to say there's little left to get and a lot to throw away numb here in my corner i've been thinking 'bout the time the sun was so much warmer and the universe was mine whenever somethings ends it bears a new beginning whenever i am bent i'll stand up to play my innings once i met daniel by the church and my old friend said to me when they pull you into dark just let go let i be and when they throw you in the dust when they threaten you with pain there's always something you can trust and your belief is not in vain all you need is time and a little of faith tonight