XMAS SONG just got home to have some tea i've found a picture that you've made of me back in italy the streets are stuffed with people i don't know in the shopping mall the croWd is moving slow like some funeral stop-and-go i just miss you baby how i miss you dear this is my little christmas song i'm counting the hours here all alone as i'm waiting for you to come here is my little christmas song i just don't know where i belong to and you can't expect me to hold on heavy cloud now fills the afternoon if i only could bend that silverspoon like i did in june i'm deprived and ripped off all my arms all that's left of me is made of venice charms and italian bars do you miss me baby like i miss you dear this is my little christmas song... there is no letting go we're stuck in the middle, you know the world's been filled with strife since that train's arrived see we're caught now inbetween the memory and your little dream and i wonder why?